We had family and good friends in from out of town this weekend which meant lots and lots of roaming around which meant lots of fun photos ops. TBH, I haven't had this much time to myself in quite awhile. I was off Thursday AND Friday so it feels like vacation has already started even though we don't leave for San Francisco until Tuesday morning. 

Thankfully most local businesses seemed to have exercised restraint in putting up their holiday decorations. I hope this is a trend that continues because I'm tired of seeing Santa every Labor Day. (Also shouts to Baked & Wired for having the creepy/coolest Santa in town.) 

This month has also meant Renwick, Renwick, and more Renwick. We've gone three times in the past two weeks but the WONDER exhibit isn't going to get boring for me any time soon. I CANNOT WAIT until later this month when I have some weekday time free and get there first thing in the AM to beat the crowds and take some more photos.

And today we signed the lease for our new apartment. Moving into the District, proper, feels like a milestone. It also feels slightly surreal considering where my life was just a few short years ago when I moved to DC and could only afford to eat ramen for two weeks after I paid my six-month car insurance premium.

Life is crazy, y'all. Don't take a moment of it for granted.