June 2016: Due to time constraints I'll be no longer be arranging/hosting DCeatstameets. Thanks to everyone who came out and had fun along the way!

BIG thanks to everyone that helped make the first #dceatstameet a success. And H U G E thanks to Taylor Gourmet for opening their doors and pulling out all the stops for us! So... what exactly is a DCeatstameet and how does it work?

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First: DCeatstameets will always revolve around food. For the first one the food component was a restaurant. In the future the food component may be a coffee roaster or distillery, a farmers market, or even a farm itself. There will also be a neighborhood component to provide some context but DCeatstameets are all about local food.

Second: DCeatstameets will, by necessity, remain small events. There are a LOT of businesses in DC that would like to engage with the social photography community but simply do not have the capacity to accommodate an IGDC-sized meetup of 60 - 80 people. DCeatstameets endeavors to answer this want from the local food business community by bringing small, curated groups of social photographers to experience, learn about, and promote local small food businesses. As a result of this narrow focus DCeatstameets will always remain invitation only. 

Invitation only? Yes. For a couple of reasons:

  1. Logistics. I can't ask someone to cook us dinner if I can't tell them how many people are coming to dinner. An open call for attendees simply won't work for this type of format.
  2. To avoid exclusivity. There are some of us who are able to always check social media and some who are only able to check social media first thing in the morning and last thing at night. An open call for an event with limited attendee availability will result in the same "always on" people being the first to respond and attend.

In order to prevent DCeatstameets from becoming "the cool kids' lunch table" a signup process will be implemented and attendees will be chosen from the list of social photographers who've indicated interest in attending. The attendee list may also be tailored to the business, i.e., vegan social photographers would be more likely to be invited to a vegan restaurant. The signup form will be posted in the next couple of weeks and I'll let everyone know when that happens.

DCeatstameets will be done in my spare time so there's no guaranteed schedule. I'll definitely keep interested parties informed tho.

Without your participation and interest this concept would be DOA. I'm very grateful for everyone's interest in the concept. I literally couldn't do this without you. 

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I'll contact you a couple of weeks prior to the DCeatstameet to make sure you have plenty of notice. If for some reason you can't make it you won't need to re-register.

Thanks again!