Chinese New Year, a Presidents Day snowstorm, and IGDC kept this month from being all about work.

Chinese New Year parade

I'm a big fan of the bright colors and energy level of the Lunar New Year parade. It's one of my favorite events in the District. So. Much. Red. I love it.

Presidents Day snowstorm

This winter has been ideal, really. It's stayed warm with a couple of exceptions that have brought us snow. And I'm fine with that.

&pizza February photoshoot

This month has been filled with a lot of great creative moments but Creativity paid a full visit during this month's shoot with &pizza. These are, no joke, some of the favorite photos I've taken to date. You'll have to keep an eye on their Insta to see more as the next month unfolds.


To celebrate Black History Month, Instagram and some of the members of IGDC put together a map that highlights notable spots in the District that are especially relevant to African American history. A group of us then met and walked a good portion of the map while taking photos. See #igdcmap and #makeyourmap for more great photos.

Random extras

“But the Greeks and the Romans both believed in the idea of an external daemon of creativity — a sort of house elf, if you will, who lived within the walls of your home and who sometimes aided you in your labors. The Romans had a specific term for that helpful house elf. They called it your genius — your guardian deity, the conduit of your inspiration. Which is to say, the Romans didn’t believe that an exceptionally gifted person was a genius; they believed that an exceptionally gifted person *had* a genius. It’s a subtle but important distinction (being vs. having) and, I think, it’s a wise psychological construct. The idea of an external genius helps to keep the artist’s ego in check, distancing him somewhat from the burden of taking either full credit or full blame for the outcome of his work. If your work is successful, in other words, you are obliged to thank your external genius for the help, thus holding you back from total narcissism. And if your work fails, it’s not entirely your fault. You can say, 'Hey, don’t look at me — my genius didn’t show up today!' Either way, the vulnerable human ego is protected. Protected from the corrupting influence of praise. Protected from the corrosive effects of shame.”
— Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

This past month it feels like my genius has been hanging real close with me. I've had several good ideas that, once executed, turned out even better than I hoped they might. Better, even, than I think I can take full credit for. Here's an assortment of photos from this month that I really, really love.