Fashion, food, photos, film. And coffee. Lots of coffee. March was fun!

Library of Congress

My friend Mark works at the Library of Congress and gave my family and me a tour. Mark's in charge of rare books for the LOC and the tour culminated with him showing us an assortment of books from across time. Perhaps the biggest highlight (and there were many!) was actual Galileo's actual working copy of Siderus Nuncius, from the early 1600s, with a smudged handprint belonging to none other than Galileo, himself, on one of the pages.

Dirty South Deli

After the #emptyNMWA Instameet, I was (finally) able to stop by Dirty South Deli and try their food. I've been drooling over their menu and their Instagram account for at least a year. Jacob and Will make some stunningly attractive and tasty food. I'd recommend you try it for yourself.

Violet Boutique

While I manage the social accounts for Violet, Morgan West handles their photography. Morgan was out of town one week last month so I got to jump in and do a little ooooh bop fashion photography for them.


IGDC set up a photobooth experience at the 10th Anniversary party for Exposed DC. Two portraits, two perspectives, two photographers was the way we did things for the evening. I asked folks to make a happy face and a silly face, with the better of the two being the one I shared. My photos are below but you can view all the portraits from that evening here.


I love DC. I love my neighborhood even more. So welcoming TaKorean as my newest client, with their flagship shop just four blocks from my apartment, makes me very happy. 

DCeatstameets x Drift on 7th

Drift on 7th opened just for us and really rolled out the red carpet for us. Best ceviche I've ever eaten. No joke. You can see more of the photos in the #DCeatstameet feed.

Ibata x Jackson

So that interview I've been working on with David Ibata.... turns out transcribing audio (an hour of it!) is v tedious. But I'm making headway. Here are a couple more photos that will be featured with the interview once I get it all transcribed.

Walk With Locals

I had a great — if chilly! — time at my first @walkwithlocals Instameet. Anything that continues to bring the DC creative community together is a good thing, in my book. 


Their new Columbia Heights location is now open so we had our monthly photoshoot there. It's a great space — one of their largest, I believe — and in a great location.

Donnie Gerald

Donnie and I have been meaning to link for a while. We finally were able to make schedules match and ran through Congressional Cemetery together one afternoon. I love Donnie's minimal, inviting aesthetic. I also love that he shoots exclusively on film. We had great conversation and I hope it won't be the last time we hang out.

Pineapple & Pearls

The coffee/sandwich shop portion of Pineapple & Pearls soft opened last month. New obsession. Best décor. Fantastic espresso (from Parlor Coffee). INCREDIBLE staff. Go. You need to.

DCeatstameets x CAVA Grill

To celebrate their newest location in Dupont, CAVA invited us to stop by for some food, fun, and photos. Lavender limeade, cardamom apple basil juice. Also: GREEN HARISSA. Delicious!

Taking the plunge

I bought this Yashica Mat-124 off my friend Marlon and really couldn't be more excited about it. I've shot one roll of BW so far. I'm shooting a roll of Portra today. I'll ship them off for developing soon and we'll see how things look in a week or two! #fingerscrossed