First, Dulles.

I'm a big fan of Saarinen's architecture, but Dulles is just so far from DC that I've always avoided it like the plague. For long-haul overseas flights, tho, Dulles can't be beat. So, I got to see it with my own eyes, finally, and it didn't disappoint. Such a beautiful, graceful structure. I wish I'd had more time (and less luggage) to take photos.



I've never visited a city that pulses and throbs quite like Bangkok. It's the most beautifully choreographed chaos I've ever seen. After the first 24 hours, I was certain I'd fallen in love. Out of all the cities I've ever visited, I'll miss Bangkok the most.

First stop, after checking in at my Airbnb, was Wat Pho. (That's pronounced "po", not "fuh", like the Vietnamese noodle soup.) The original iteration of Wat Pho was built sometime in the 1600s. Construction of the current iteration was begun in 1788 by King Rama I, and subsequent construction has continued on throughout the years. The temple complex is quite large, almost 20 acres, and holds the largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand, and one of the largest reclining Buddhas in the world. The temple is still fully functional, with monks' living quarters on the grounds, and there is a school which teaches traditional Thai massage and medicine. An admission ticket is ฿100 (about $2.85 USD, at the time this was written) and worth every penny.

Street photography opportunities in BKK are plentiful. From the knots of electric and television cables above the streets to the fuchsia taxis and myriad scooters on the streets, themselves, I found great subjects no matter what direction I pointed my camera.

"Farang" is the Thai slang word for any person of European descent. To the best of my knowledge I only had one BIG DUMB FARANG moment on my trip. While walking down the sidewalk in Chinatown, I tripped over a lady's umbrella stand, damn near taking out her entire business. Once she giggled at me, and I realized I'd not destroyed her whole set up I nervously (and loudly) blurted out, "THANK YOU" (in Thai) instead of, "excuse me," and then, realizing my linguistic mistake and feeling even more embarrassed, I ran away. 

On my way down the sidewalk, I hear the old man with her yell after me, "THANK YOU!" while laughing. #omgsoembarrassed