Thank you, National Gallery of Art!

Yesterday morning the National Gallery of Art (@ngadc) allowed a group of us a sneak preview of the newly renovated East Building. New galleries and a rooftop terrace have been added, and over 500 new works, many from the Corcoran's collection, are on display for the first time.

We met, and walked the Museum with, the architects and curators, freely asking them questions and learning the history of the structure, the renovations, and the new works on display. One of the highlights of the day was meeting Nick Benson (@nixbenson) inscribing the names of benefactors into one of the huge stone-faced columns on the main floor. He does this freehand. Let me repeat that for you — he does this freehand. It was a "whoa" type moment for nearly everyone in attendance, I think.

@donniegerald, @angelica.epps, and @ibatapaints, on the mezzanine of the NGA.

Those stairs tho

Hands-down, my favorite addition to the building is the new staircase in Tower 1, that connects all levels of the museum, from the basement to the new rooftop terrace. The entire staircase is cantilevered from the wall and adheres to the isosceles triangle grid that IM Pei used to design the rest of the structure.

Re-opens on Friday

The National Gallery of Art East Building reopens to the public this Friday, September 30, but if you don't want to wait you can check out the #myngadc feed on Instagram.