DC artist Merima Repeša

I spent my day with Merima Repeša talking and documenting her work on a parachute banner that will be carried in the Women's March, this Saturday. Merima is one of my favorite local artists. She consistently creates biting social and political critique in a graphic style that's all her own. I was thrilled when I saw she'd be creating a banner for the march and I wanted to make sure she had photos to capture her contribution to this historic event.

You can find Merima at her website, on Instagram, or on Twitter.

Merima's design is a heart containing a peace sign which overlays the multi-hued outline of a woman's torso. Merima said the design was inspired by photographs of posters from Woodstock.

On her logo: "It represents growing up in a tug-of-war battle between Eastern and Western cultural traditions, growing up a Muslim in a country that still views Islam as a religion that promotes and encourages terrorism, and finding peace and liberty where it seems nowhere to be found. I want to bridge the gaps between differences that don't seem like they could ever come together. That is what this symbol means to me."