2017: the year it finally became acceptable for people of all ages to refer to a part of woman's anatomy as a pussy in polite company and talk about golden showers in public. All because of our President's behavior. I have to say, tho, it's good to see women claim the word as a source of pride and power.

Favorite chant of the day: We want a leader, not a creepy tweeter.

I'd have loved to have seen more people of color in the crowd. I'm not sure if better outreach by the organizers could've changed that? Or if there's jut not enough interest? Either way, it was good to see so many people out in the streets. How many people in streets? Estimates are saying more than half a million. Not sure what that looks like? It looks like this.

The best part, the part that really filled my heart and gave me hope: so many young girls in attendance. Girls who'll grow up feisty. Girls who'll grow up knowing they can affect change in the world. Girls who'll grow up knowing they have strength.


More important now than ever.