This afternoon a group of us were invited to the Washington Post for a tour of their photography studio. We didn't know we'd also be meeting Post photographer Marvin Joseph, who shared lighting and posing tips and told us some funny stories about his years as a photographer for the Post.

After the studio tour, our hosts Dee SwannTauhid Chappell and Austin Graff took us around the rest of the building and answered our questions. FYI: there are more rooftop terraces than you can shake a stick at; this is not a bad thing in an office building.

But the uppermost rooftop terrace is, of course, the best. The views are stunning but you can't let a group of photographers loose near heavily textured walls with interesting shadows and expect us to pay attention to much else. 🙃

My friend Julian Thomas walked out onto the terrace just seconds before me and by the time I'd stepped out as well he was pointing towards a wood wall with diagonal shadows and telling me to get over there for a portrait. At one point or another I think all of us were making portraits there.

And big thanks to Julian for this portrait of me, below!

If you'd like to see more photos from today feel free to have a look at everyone's Instagram accounts:

And a little sidenote: I left my camera at home today since I thought we were just getting a studio tour. Everything above (except Julian's portrait of me) was shot on iPhone 6S.