This post was created in partnership with Ditto Residential. For more information please see my affiliate disclosure. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the photos!


Thursday through Saturday of last week Ditto Residential invited me to stay in unit 213 at the Buchanan School, a thoughtfully renovated 1895 schoolhouse on Capitol Hill. A few years ago I'd done some work for Insight Property Group for the townhomes portion of this redevelopment project so I was excited for this opportunity to actually experience a bit of what life for the residents might be like. Until a few yeas ago I lived down in Navy Yard so I'm very familiar with the Hill and was looking forward to checking out some old favorites as well as some new stuff that's opened since I moved across town.

That window tho. Right? It's hard to miss. It's 16 feet wide and takes up one e n t i r e  wall of the living space. It was originally part of the two-story tall entry porticos for the school. During the renovation Ditto extended the second floor outward and enclosed the arch to make this really dramatic architectural statement that makes this condo a one-of-a-kind property in the city. Everyone that came to visit me during my stay gasped and commented extensively on it.

On the opposite side of the building one of the original entry porticoes was left in tact.

On the opposite side of the building one of the original entry porticoes was left in tact.

When planning my stay at the Buchanan School I was thinking what I might do if I were actually a resident. Certainly I'd take advantage of such a gorgeous setting with such incredible light for photography purposes, so I invited Claire Aniela and Tia Madison over for photo shoots. 

Claire came over Friday morning and we took some new headshots for her, as well as some lifestyle photographs in the condo for my + Ditto's use. Then we bounced over to Little Pearl for coffee and lunch. I'd heard a lot about the place since they opened back in December. They didn't disappoint. Service was friendly, coffee was good, food was delicious. And it was about a five minute walk from the Buchanan School which was pretty fantastic. Having a place like this essentially at my doorstep is a very appealing idea.

Tia came over Friday afternoon and we also took some new headshots for her, then created some lifestyle photos around the building before heading over to Beuchert's Saloon for dinner. Beuchert's is one of my favorite restaurants in the District and I hadn't been since I moved away from the Hill late last year. On top of that I was finally able to meet Chef-owner Andrew Markert courtesy of a funny digital exchange with my friend Vina Sananikone

Saturday morning was my final morning in the space. The Buchanan School is a pet friendly building so I invited my very cute, three-legged doggo friend, Woodrow, to come visit me. He was kind enough to bring along his owners, Jason and Justin. We hung out in the condo and soaked up the morning sun while we chatted.

You can see the entire story of my stay at the Buchanan School in the highlights section of my Insta.

Unit 213 is one of only two units left at the Buchanan School by Ditto Residential. It's a one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo, and is priced at $499,900. If you'd like more information about it please email and tell them I sent you!