Earlier this week I got to photograph three of Interstate Hotels and Resorts’ Chefs cooking a very special dinner at the James Beard Foundation.

Chefs Dane Blom (The Citizen Hotel, Sacramento, CA), Mike Ford (Streamsong Resort, Bowling Green, FL), and Greg McGowan (Pier Sixty-Six Hotel & Marina, Fort Lauderdale, FL) cooked an amazing 5-course meal in the Beard House’s small (but well-appointed) kitchen. It was a real treat to be involved in an event at such a storied location like the Beard House. The staff were incredibly kind and welcoming. I’m looking forward to going back as a guest in the near future.

The photos below are personal outtakes—behind-the-behind-the-scenes photographs, if you will. And that’s Sous Chef Colin Kelly, from the Citizen Hotel, as well, up above.